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Designer dog bowls

PetLoves, we do our best to meet every concern a dog and their owners may have.  We know dog bowls are a necessity for every dog, however, we carry a wide array of designer dog bowls and decorative dog bowls to satisfy the different tastes of dog owners.


It is very important to provide your dogs with their own dog food bowls.  Providing your dogs with their own bowls, and feeding them when the family eats, will make your dogs feel more like members of the family and will decrease, and possible eradicate, begging at the table.  The benefits of a consistent feeding schedule are obvious.  Providing your dogs with their own bowls will enable you to monitor their eating habits.  Dogs should not be given constant access to food.  This promotes obesity and may cause dogs to become finicky.  You will also able to monitor your dogs’ health.  When dogs become ill, one of the first signs you’ll notice is a decrease in appetite.  If you feed your dogs at regularly scheduled times, you will immediately be able to notice this and take proper curative measures.  It can also very difficult to house train a dog that eats all day long. 


It is also very important to provide your dogs with their own dog water bowls.  Water is the most important nutrient for dogs.  They can live for long periods of time without other nutrients, but they can’t live for more than a few days without water.  Approximately 70% of a dog’s body mass is composed of water and many of their tissues constitute between 70% and 90% of water.  Because dogs lose water through panting and eliminating, they constantly need to replace the water they lose.  The average dog needs approximately 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight a day.  Therefore, a 50 pound dog requires approximately 50 ounces of water per day to maintain proper health.  During warm weather, or times of stress, dogs may need more water.  When traveling, it is in your dogs’ best interests to bring travel dog bowls and plenty of water from home to help prevent their stomachs from becoming upset.  Be sure to monitor your dogs’ water intake as well.  An otherwise healthy dog that is drinking three or more times the necessary amount of water may have a disease, such as diabetes or kidney failure, and should be examined by a veterinarian.


When choosing a specific bowl for your dogs, you may want to consider purchasing elevated dog bowls.  Raised dog bowls support proper posture, proper digestion, and will prevent overeating.  If your dogs are standing while they eat, they won’t have to strain their necks to lean towards their bowls to eat.  Such bad posture can lead to stiff joints and arthritis.  As well, if your dogs are standing while they eat, they won’t be prone to laziness and gorging themselves.  They will be more alert to their surroundings, which is the way dogs have been eating since the dawn of their species.